Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Everett Education Association sends out misleading info on their non-endorsed candidates

Go to my campaign website to read what happened and how I responded. This is why we desperately need to change the faces on the school board. Apparently, things are so comfortable for the union that they'll walk outside the edges of honesty in their communications with members.  Not everyone is buying what they are selling and shortly after they sent out this email, I started receiving it from teacher friends in the district.  

Everett School Board Candidate Introduction

The Everett Herald published their story about the 4 candidates in two races for the Everett School Board. You can read the article HERE.

Of course, the only way we'll get any real change is to elect the candidates the Union and the Administration fear the most, Kim and Rod.  If you want to help, let us know.  

It's time to bring some fresh faces into the Board Room and stop the dysfunction of the last few years so the board can concentrate on the work they are assigned to do and not their petty personality conflicts.  They need to stop wasting time trying to contain one member through policy changes and meaningless censures and start doing the work the people elected them to do - making sure our schools are the best in the state!