Thursday, January 30, 2014

For every law, there's an attorney waiting to be paid to tell you how to get around it....

"The primary source of funding (for the new district office) came from the State Construction Assistance Fund"

~Caroline Mason - newest Everett School Board Director in a letter to the Herald to "set the record straight".  She spoke at a school board meeting in support of the new administration building as a member of the public in June 2011. 

Perhaps the state thinks the Central Administration Building really IS a "Community Resource Center" because the law is pretty clear that the state matching funds she says were used are NOT eligible to construct "Central Administration Buildings".  

State Construction Assistance money is NOT eligible for district office buildings. They probably paid a LOT of money to an attorney to figure out a way around the law.   Some have suspected that their weird insistance that it be referred to as a "Community Resource Center" is the thing that the attorney told them made this possible.  Who calls a district office a "Community Resource Center"?  I wonder how many people (the 12 who might actually need to go there) drive around that building looking for the District Office because the sign out font says, "Community Resource Center"?  It's truly the most bizarre name ever for a district office building.   

Legal? Perhaps in the opinion of their favorite attorney. Barely legal, if at all? Absolutely - but who has the money to challenge them? Best use of funds when we have schools with desperate needs? Nope.  Will they do it to the public again?  That's for the public to decide on February 11.