Saturday, March 8, 2014

How I believe parents with issues are viewed by schools

by Kim Guymon

This is so true.  We spent three years complaining about a math situation at the middle school and for 2 3/4 of those years, we were made to feel like we were the only parents complaining about this teacher.  Finally, a new administrator who hadn't yet been indoctrinated into this philosophy DID SOMETHING.  She said she could understand our frustration and within a week, our son was in another math class and trying to catch up.  I will forever be grateful to her for not knowing she was supposed to tell us it was OUR problem and not the school's.

We were told WE had to take action before the school would do anything. My response always was that it was a systemic problem because the problem was legendary among many parents past and present.  But, they still managed to make me feel like I was the ONLY one who'd ever had an issue.  I stumbled across this today and it hit a nerve. 

1 parent with an issue = A "nutjob"
2 parents with the same issue = A nutjob and a friend

3 parents with the same issue = A trio of troublemakers
5 parents with the same issue = “Let’s have a meeting”
10 parents with the same issue = “We’d better listen”
25 parents with the same issue = “Our dear friends”
50 parents with the same issue = A powerful organization

From what I hear, the math issue at the middle school STILL hasn't changed and kids are still being allowed to be mathematically damaged for the sake of tenure.  And, I'm sure they pushed the re-set button on it in September. They ought to be up to about the 10-parent level by now.  If they can just endure that until June, they can re-set the issue again for next year and continue to ignore the situation until retirement resolves it. Meanwhile, my son has to take TWO math classes at the high school to try to make up for the three years he lost.