Saturday, April 12, 2014

Businesses are People, too, I guess....

Everett is the "bluest" of towns.  It's always been about the value of the "working man".  Unions reign supreme and union members talk about being out to get "the man".  Everyone celebrates the lowly worker  and "average Joe" around here.  

That is, until you cross the "Good Old Boys" network where some of the more prominent names in the community stand to lose something.  Then, a parade of names with connections shows up in the Everett Herald with their community pedigrees attached in the form of self-important titles, business names, declarations of the number of years since their family rolled into town in a Model T or educational alphabets.  

When there's money to be lost, it's not about the "average Joe" or the "worker" anymore, it's about influencing the "average Joe" to agree to pay money to the district so the school district can pay money to them.  They do this by declaring that certain opinions are more valid and valuable than others in this community.  Suddenly the "average Joe" doesn't matter - he's only a taxpayer to be tapped for their own interests.   

The largest contributors to the Everett School District bond campaign this time are businesses who stand to win or lose depending on how this thing goes. Do they care about "the kids" or about the possibility of their own Gravy Train derailing? Some of them didn't make these kind of donations during the first campaign. Clearly, they are trying to protect their interests this time.

  • Dykeman Architects ($1500)
  • DLR group (architects & engineers, $1000)
  • Huttleball & Oremus Architecture ($1000)
  • AWA Electrical consultants ($500)
  • Bogard Engineers ($500)
  • Electro Communications Co. ($500)
  • Reid Shockey (Shockey Planning Group, $500)
  • Beresford Company (flooring, $500)
  • Micro Computer Systems, Inc (school computers, $500)
  • Rettenmeir Financial Services (educational bond services, $200)
  • Perkins Coie (the District’s favorite Educational Law Firm, $250)

Some of them have already sent their obligatory letter to the editor with the correct pedigree attached to their signature.  Many have personal connections to the Superintendent and members of the School Board outside their jobs.  

In a town as "blue collar" as Everett, are we going to let these businesses pretend the are people, too?  

If it's "about the kids", then let's get the business influence out of the process and listen to the "average Joe".  But, so far, the district isn't ready to listen to Joe....