Monday, May 19, 2014

Possible Explanations for Why the Everett School District Bond Failed

After running our poll from a few days after the bond failed in April until last week, we decided it was time to publish the results.  This certainly isn't scientific, however, through the wonders of Facebook, we managed to randomly reach out to as many as 20,000 Everett residents of voting age to offer them the opportunity to respond to the poll.  Of course, not all of them did, but we got a sample size of several hundred from that outreach and the results were fairly consistent throughout the polling period. We did not discriminate by political party or specifically seek those who may have voted against the bond.  We just put it out there and let it happen.   We are confident we got the best sampling we could have.  Where comment space was offered, we included all the comments left by those taking the poll.  Here are the results: