Our Mission Statement

Welcome to the Everett School Board Project

The purpose of the Everett School Board Project (ESBP) is to create change within the Everett School Board and improve leadership at the district level.  Rather than functioning as a group of leaders that looks at their role as stewards over the educational success of over 18,000 district students and over $210 million in annual tax payer funded expenditures, the board, for the most part, seems to be more focused on serving their own interests, the interests of the superintendent, the interests of the teacher's union and the interests of others who are considered "power players" in the community with whom board members often enjoy a mutually beneficial business relationship. 

We are nothing more than a group of parents, students, teachers and taxpayers who wish to insert our voices back into the conversation as those who are most affected, but often least considered, by the decisions of the board. 

The Everett School Board Project seeks to create change within the School Board by:

1. Increasing citizen and parent participation in public school board meetings;

2. Holding the School Board and district leadership accountable by demanding honesty, openness and clarity on issues that impact the quality, cost and results of district education and programs as impacted by these leaders;

3. Sponsoring public discussion about issues that the Board is deciding that the public should be aware of;

4. Ensuring that the Board takes on its appropriate role as the manager of the superintendent, rather than looking at themselves as subservient to the superintendent;

5. Implementing a public process for evaluating the performance of School Board members;

6. Where School Board members have not shown an ability or a willingness to serve the interests of the public, then the Everett School Board Project will take on a necessary role--helping to create direct organizational change within the School Board by encouraging board candidates that will support openness and accountability.

Our first step is simple. We need people to join our FACEBOOK PAGE and to actively participate in our discussions and activity. Our second step is similar. We need to get an additional 100 to join and participate. The third step is to then perpetuate this until we have at least 1,000 people actively engaged in this effort and paying attention to how our public schools are being run.

Please share our message with those around you. In advance, thank you for your interest and your efforts. Our involvement can and will make a difference to our children and students, our schools, and our community.